Contest Rules

Ad-Venture Media Inc/Mitchell Community Broadcasting – Contest Rules

  1. All WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ contests are open to any and all WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ listeners and viewers unless otherwise specified by WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ.
  2. Only one winner per family or household per 30 days will be allowed.
  3. The decision of WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ is final. Winners will be announced on air and notified by either phone, mail, e-mail, or social media
  4. All prizes, unless otherwise specified, will be mailed to contest winners.
  5. All Unclaimed prizes within 14 days will be forfeited.
  6. WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ is at liberty to re-award any unclaimed prize at the end of a 14-day grace period.
  7. The odds of winning any contest will depend on the number of qualified entries and may be different for each individual contest.
  8. Employees and immediate family members of employees of WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ are ineligible to enter/win.
  9. WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ is not responsible for defective prizes.
  10. Winners can be of any age unless noted in specific contest rules.
  11. WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ, its agencies, sponsors, or representatives absolve themselves of any liability, financial or otherwise, resulting from any on or off-air contests staged by WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ.
  12. All contest entries become the property of WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ. Furthermore, WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ may withhold any material crucial to the completion of the contest.
  13. All contestants acknowledge, as a condition of entry, that WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ has the right to publicize or broadcast a contestant’s or winner’s name, character, likeness, voice, or all matters incidental herein.
  14. All contestants acknowledge that WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ may contact them by mail, e-mail, phone, or social media
  15. All prizes are non-transferable and void where prohibited by law. No cash substitution of prizes will be allowed.
  16. Winners understand and agree that they are responsible for all taxes incurred on prizes received. Also in the event that a winner chooses not to accept a prize, he or she forfeits all claim to that prize. WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ then has the right, at its discretion, to award that prize to an alternate contestant.
  17. Sweepstakes/contests are open to U.S. residents only. These basic contest rules and addenda are available for review during regular business hours at the WBIW/WQRK/WPHZ Main Office, 424 Heltonville Road West, Bedford Indiana 47421.